Wednesday, December 8, 2010

last blog of the quarter

Maybe I should have called this blog "the real world". Every once in a while, I'll have a student try to bring up the fact that there's no reason in learning something if they won't be using it in the real world.

Let's talk about this real world. The more specifically you can answer the questions, the better.

1) Where do you go after you graduate?
2) What kind of career do you have?
3) How much money will you make?
4) Where will you live?
5) What does a typical day look like?
6) How is the world different than it is today?


Anonymous said...

I am thinking about going to ISU. After i graduate college i hope I do something in the nursing feild. I hope to be making quite a bit of money. I dont want to live somewhere where there is not much to do like paris. I want to live in a big city probably. A typical day after college, i would work all day and come home and take care of my family. Today i live with my parents not paying any bills, in the real world when im not living at home, i will have to pay bills and be a lot more responsible.
Macala Beasley 2nd hour

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about going to Lincoln College of Technology. I want to be an auto mechanic. I hope to be making a lot of money cause a mechanic is in high demand right now. I dont know where I will live yet. My typical day will be going to work and comin home and getting ready for the next day of work. It will be a lot different cause I will be on my own. Have to pay my own bills and take care of myself.

Devin Stephens 5th Hour

Anonymous said...

1)I am gowing to Arizona for two years then I am hopfully coming back to go to lakeland
2)Working with animals- Zookeper
3)Not Allot but enough
4)Around Richmand IL
5)Git up go to work come home and sleep
6)I will be doing what I want to do

Sherrie Shivlar 6th

Anonymous said...

I want to go to Lake Land.
I want to work with children.
I want to make alot of money.
I want to live in a city type place, but not an actual big city.
A day after college, I would work all day, and come home and make dinner and eat with my family.
Today I live with my parent and pay for everything for myself except for the bills and house.
In the real world, I would have to pay for everything for myself.

Alex Stidham 4th Hour

Anonymous said...

I want to go to either EIU or Southern Il. You see i want to be a high school history teacher and an archeologist, sort of like Idiana Jones but better and more realistic. I really don't care how much money i make as long as im doing something i love. I want to live in a small town (Not unlike Paris) or a suburb of Kansas City. A typical day would be me teaching but i hope over the summers that i pursue my dream of archeology hence me becoming the next indiana Jones. The world has so much more technology then earlier. I mean there will probably be a high need for teachers when i graduate based on statistics. I just want to be stuck doing something i love then something i hate for the rest of my life. :)

Kelsey Dougherty
5th Hout

Anonymous said...

My hopes and dreams involve me attending IUPUC and then later on, Indiana University. With this, I want to learn everything and more I need to become a Speech Pathologist and work with Autistic children. An advantage of this, I get to make a lot of dough. :) For the first two years, I will be staying with my sister and her family since IUPUC is just a short three minute car ride from her house. A typical day?- Hard to tell as of right now. With all of this comes responsibilty and a lot of growing up.

Megan Laughton, 5th.

Anonymous said...

I will probably go to Eastern Illinois after I graduate. I do not know which career I will want but I hope it has something to do with baseball. Anywhere from a statistician, to a historian, to a manager, I would love a job in baseball. I do not know how much money I will make. I would hope I would have enough money to provide for my family and have plety of extra money so I will never have to worry about taxes or debt and I will be able to live without money issues. I hope I could live back here in Paris. However, if I have a career in baseball, it will probably have to move somewhere else. A typical would probably consist of going to a job I love, then coming home to a nice wife and kids and help them with their homework. The world then would be different than it is today because there will be much more and advanced technology, and after all school is through, it may become longer days, and maybe more hecktic days.

J.D. Hasler
5th Hour

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about going to Eastern. After I graduate i plan on running a stay at home daycare or become an early childhood educator. I really dont care how much I make just enought to get the bills paid and have some left over cash to whatever with. I want to live in a medium sized city not as big as chicago. A typical day for me would be spending my whole day with kids, which I love. The world will be more technologically advanced than it already is now.
Alicia Robertson
5ht hour

J.C. White said...

Hopefully, I'll be able to attend New York University to get a double-major in Theatre and Journalism for my undergraduate work and then go on to get a PhD in Theatre after my high school career. My hopes would be to be able to make it as a stage actor, however since that is a very uncertain thing to have happen, I have the backup of working as a college professor of Theatre and also as a journalist. Of course, it would be nice to make a lot of money, however I think it's more important to have satisfaction in your chosen field than it is to be able to make tons of money. (As long as I can live comfortably, I'm fine.) Therefore, with that said, I hope to live in New York City where of all these aspirations have the potential to be achieved. A typical day would consist of me doing what I love to do (perform) unapologetically. My world would be different from today in the fact that I would be able to dedicate my life to growing more as an actor, teacher, and writer.

-J.C. White
4th hr.

Anonymous said...

I want to go to Eastern. I want to go into the nursing field. I heard you make a lot of money. I want to live in a small town like Paris. But not Paris. I think a typical day after college is gonna take a lot of responsibility. I will go to work all day then come home and take care of the house and my family. I live with my parents so I don't really have to pay for anything. But when I'm on my own after college I will have to.

Erin Marietta (:
5th hour

Nathan Ogle said...

I see a lot of students saying they want to live in a town like Paris, but not Paris. Imagine how much different Paris would be if kids like this stuck around.

Anonymous said...

After high school i want to go to college.where i really dont know yet somewhere that they have a good nursing program.Thats what i want to do is be a nursing it depends on where you live like the startyou will make $18,000 a year,but the average is $35,000-$40,000 a year.where will I live not for sure yet may be just stay here or not too far from here.After I get out of college would go get up get ready for work go to work for however many hours than go back home. I wouldn't be living with my mother anymore be on my own or living with my family as in kids and hubby. Havin to pay the bills and being a big girl not a little kid anymore.

Whittney Forster 2nd

Anonymous said...

1) Where do you go after you graduate?
I really have no clue.
2) What kind of career do you have?
Hopefully one that makes money.
3) How much money will you make?
Hopefully enough to have what i need paid, paid.
4) Where will you live?
Well, not really sure where ill live but hopefully somewhere comfortable
5) What does a typical day look like?
Wake up, workk, come home. like a routine
6) How is the world different than it is today?
Because no one really knows how anythings goin to turn out?

Paige Maples
5th hour

pcrandell_99 said...

im going to go to college where ever i can get a scholarship for shooting. then im going to major in something in the ag field. wonce i get out of college i will take over my families farm. every day i will get up and do things that dont involve math i will b working in the fields and working on machinery there might be som math use when it somes to paying bills and keeping books on the farm but nothing like we are learning right now this stuff is for people that are going to teach this stuff. word.i will be making enough money to get me by and but new farm equiptment each year. and i will be back in the good ol' town of paris!

mayo_dancer_56 said...
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mayo_dancer_56 said...
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mayo_dancer_56 said...

I want to go to Lake Land.
I want to be a early childhood educator.
I want to make alot of money.
I want to live in a bigger city than paris but not as big as Chicago.
Go to school, go to work then go home and eat supper.
Its going to be different because i don't pay any bills now and then im going to be on my own and pay for everything.

brittany swanson

Anonymous said...

1) I plan on going to college
2) After college I plan of Dental Hygiene
3) Hopefully alot!! :)
4) Hopefully in a house of my own, but if not I will stick with the parents for a while longer
5) Typical Day.. There is no typical day for me really but probably get up go to work, and then go back home..
6) My world will be more stressful..most likley. Bills, work, you knoww.. the usual.

olyvia bradford 2nd

katy said...

Well I plan on going to pakeland collage and become a vet tech. Then U of I to work with corn and soybeans. I am planning on making a good amount of money. I will be living in Georgetown, IL if everything works out. For the most part I'll get up go to work come home make dinner then go to bed with my most wonderful man in the world!!! Marcus and I already pay on the house and by food.

Katy Spesard
2nd hour

Anonymous said...

After I graduate Paris High School, I am going to move to Virginia to attend either George Mason University or Georgetown University (that is, if I get in). I plan on studying international affairs and communications and do something with economics. I would like to work for the federal government writing and analyzing foreign policy or running government programs like my mom does. I probably wouldn't make that much money starting out, but as I learn more about my field and get better at it, I would make more money. I intend on living in or around the Washington D.C area. A typical day for me would be wake up, go to work, come home, maybe have a social life, go to bed then repeat every day. Life will be very different once I move out and live on my own. I will be completely responsible for every aspect of my life, which honestly terrifies me. But I'm sure I will be able to handle it and accomplish what I want to accomplish.

Meredith Blanford
2nd Hour

Anonymous said...

I want to go to Purdue,or some school similar, but I will more then likely try to go to EIU in Charleston. What kind of carrer I want is to be a computer programmer for some gaming software company possibly microsoft. Good money could be less the a hundred thousand a year or way over just depends on what company im working for and what im doing within that comapny. I want to live somewhere in califorina or possibly flordia, but chicago would be a nice city to live in to.
Wake up go to work enjoy what im doing a making good money, I wont settle for anything less. Ill be doing what I love to do plus simply enjoying life where ever I am out of highschool. -Daniel R. Belt-6th hr

Anonymous said...

1)I am going to go to BYU-Idaho for college
2)Beef Rancher
3)Enough to live happily :)
4)I want to stay out west. Hopefully Idaho
5)Alot of work, I will always have something to keep me busy.
6)Well...I will be living on my own. I will have to learn how take care of me and a family. Plus there will be taxes. Also I will be doing something that I love and enjoy than having to wake up in the morning and dreading what I have to do.

Matt Wells

Damon said...

1) i am going to college at SIU Carbondale

2) as of right now, none, but i want to go to college and become and accountant

3) anywhere from $80,000 to $100,000

4) i want to live somewhere in the country, but close to a city

5)i'd be responsible for keeping track of the money for the company in the lockbox's, wire transfers, etc.

6) im not quite sure

Anonymous said...

I'm going to go to ISU and and plan to be a dental hygienist and work with children. I'll probably end up living in Terre Haute or somewhere near. My typical day after college will be something like work, home and other activites like a routine. The world is different because i think now days almost anything can happen.

Emily Bierly

6th hour

Anonymous said...

I am going to isu after i graduate. I plan on becoming a maht teacher so i will use the things i learn quite often. Im plan on staying in paris most people say they hate it but i couldnt see myself anywhere else. I would teach during the day then come home and fix supper for my family and the other housework. Right now i live at home with my family but i have a son so the real world had kinda already hit me sothe only thing that will really change is paying more bills.

Alexis Daugherty
4th hour

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't know what I'm going to do after I get out of high school. I'm hoping for some sort of career in music but I won't hold my breath on that one. I guess if worst comes to worst I could always join the Marines or something.

Kyle Keenen
2nd Hour

Anonymous said...

Brayden Walls
-After i graduate i am going to eastern. I'm either majoring in business marketing or i want to go in to real estate , i haven't decided. Then after i graduate from eastern i want to move to California. A typical day hopefully will be me waking up in my apartment in the middle of the city on close to the top floor and going to work. I don't plan on having a family but i might get married ....but i don't want kids

Anonymous said...

I plan to go to Lakeland and transfer to ISU later in the year... I am hopefully going to be a nurse. I don't really know how much I will make and my world will dramatically change i will have to take care of myself on my own buy my own food and everythng pay my own bills buy my own house and maybe have my own familyy to take care of.

Alexis Tucker 6th hour

Anonymous said...

After i graduate i plan on going to college. I dont know where yet or what i want to do for sure but i have ideas. I hope whatever i do brings in a good income. Now that im older i realize that you have to work hard for everything. If you want something you have to make it happen. Nothing is easy.

Macy Winkler

Anonymous said...

Zach Smith
6th hr

I might join the Army after school. It's one of those things I don't want to not do and look back and wish I did. I think I'm the Army type of person. After or before that I'd like to go to U of I. I have two ideas for my future job. One would be a small business owner, owning a music shop. Or I'd like to be a high school teacher. I won't be rich, I wont have the biggest house or the most expensive car, but I'd be happy either way. I feel my day will be pretty exciting, keeping on my feet whatever job I choose. It'll be nothing like now, where I can be lazy, not pay bills, etc.

Anonymous said...

I get exactly what your saying, but yet i still remain nuetral on that statement "when will i use this?" Because i am with you on the fact that none of us are really sure about any of those questions, so it doesnt hurt to have knowledge you dont use, just for the bare reason that we never know when we could need something such as that. But im in the middle on that statement just because it does suck learning all that confusing stuff.

sean murphy
5th hour

Jordan Rice 2nd hour said...

After I graduate high school I plan on going to Lakeland and then transfer to a 4 year college. I don't really know what I want to actually do yet. Hopefully live close to Paris. A typical day for me would be get up, go to work, and then come home and do whatever there. It will be a lot different than today because I will be responsible for everything.

Anonymous said...

After high school im thinking about going to ISU. I'm going in to be a radiologist. My degree is going to take 12 yrs. so i will be at ISU for awhile. My days will be school and it is now but a little harder. Right now the rate of a new radiologist is 125 thousand a yr. So I will be living some where close to here to be close to my family. It will be a little different because I will be paying all the bills.

Tina Daniels 4th hour

Anonymous said...

To be honest Mr. T I have no clue where Im going to college but Im going to go. I really have had my heart set on becoming a teacher. I either want to teach high school or middle school. I really like to be either a math or english teacher. I cant tell you how much money I will make but i can tell you it will be enough to have food and shelter. I really want to Teach in Paris because I have lived here my whole life and I see how these schools can change people to greast people. The typical day will be like anyother day walking through the halls of this school. The only thing that may be different is that we wont be the Tigers anymore and might not have this school. But memories live on through the people who have experenced them right? But hey I am only in 10th grade my plans may change over time.
Sherri Grissom
5th Hour

Anonymous said...

After I graduate I plan on going to college. The career I have chosen is somewhere in the zoological department. This job makes about $64,000 a year. I do not care where I live as long as I can do what I love. The day of a zoologist is similar to that of a zookeeper, just taking care of animals and studying them. The world today is much more cruel, the worth of a dollar is that of a penny.

Chris Gosnell 6th hour

Anonymous said...

I want to be a graphic designer. I dont know where I am going to go to school at but I hear IV Tec has an awesome design program. I dont know how much money I will make but I hope I make bank. No one ever knows where they will live when they get older but I hope in a city where I can be reconized. A typical day will be me getting up and doing something I love. World will change because I made something of myself.
Caleb Grissom

Anonymous said...

After I graduate I plain on going to school and live at home for a while. Then I’m going to try to become a policeman somewhere. The money you make depends on what you do after school like if you go to school or if you don’t. It’s not easy in this day and age to get a good job.

Brandon Prouse

Catherine said...

I am moving to Champaign two weeks after igraudate were i will get a full time job as a CNA so i can establish a residency for the radiology program at Parkland. My career will hopefully be a radiologist tech. That job only makes b/w $50-$70 thousand a year.I will live in an apartment in Champaign until i graduate then i don't know i will probablly go somewhere where there is a job. My typical day looks like i will be working from 8 a.m. till 5 p.m. i will also have to do the night shift and weekend shifts. This world is different because I will be on my own most likely and i will have to pay for everything on my own so in this case i need to know how to manage money and do things like my taxes so this is where math comes in handy...I am one of the people who said this is your class and i guess i just didnt' really think alot about it until now...BUT i could just have my husband deal with all the money managing though!!

Anonymous said...

I am going to college after I graduate, maybe at College of the Redwoods and then Humbolt State.I am going to work with animals, probably be a vet tech at a zoo so I can work with exotic animals. I would make about $33,000 a year. I'm not sure where I will live, it could be somewhere close to home or maybe if I meet someone i'll move somewhere by them. My job isn't going to be fun, because it's a job. There will be some fun parts that will remind me why I chose this career, but other than that it's going to be alot of hard work. Our country will most likely be in more debt and we will be a little bit closer to the second coming of Christ.

-The Aubrie Lamb -4th hour

Anonymous said...

1) I am going to Parkland for two years and after that I plan on going to SIUE.
2) Neonatal Nurse
3) If I am a registered nurse about $65,000 per year, if I am a nurse practioner about $70,000 per year,
4) I might live in Paris and work in Terre Haute or I might live in Champaign... or I might live in St. Louis--I haven't exactly made up my mind!
5) I would work with babies who are born prematurely and need special care unit.
6) There is a lot more pollution, hopefully the economy is better.. a lot more kids use drugs, therefore the world is more corrupt. --overall the picture isn't very pretty.

-Callie Keys :)
6th Hour

Andie said...
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Andie said...

Andreanna Smith
4th hour Geometry
1. I am thinking of attending either IUPUI or the University of Alabama.When I go to college I would like to have a double major in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science. But lately I have been thinking of something in the culinary arts or mortuary science. Kind of weird I know.
2. I want a career in Criminal Justice, or I would like to be a funeral director.
3.For my job, the income will be something to make a good life on.
4.If I end up going to Alabama, I would hope to be living somewhere close to Tuscaloosa. However, if I end up going to IUPUI than I would live close to Indy, in a town such as McCordsville, Anderson, Franklin, or Fortville.
5. A typical day after I graduate college, would hopefully be to go to work around seven or eight in the morning, than come home around five or six. Hopefully, I would have some animals (preferably dogs) to take care of. Eventually I would like to come home to a non empty house, meaning I would like to have a family.
6. The world would be different then because I would be required to survive on my own. Meaning that I would have to pay my own bills and take care of things around my house.

Anonymous said...

When i leve pchs i am hopefully going to attend SIUE if i decide to study dentistry or SIU of carbondale if i decide to go into law. i will pick next year after being in healt oc :) So i will either be a paralegal (a lawyer's secretary) or open my own little dentist office.
both of the things im interested in studying take awhile so maybe i will have meet someone special by then and that will effect where i plan on living. i wouldnt like to live in a big city (nothing bigger than TH), paris wouldnt be so bad but i would like to get out and have my adventure and be where not everyone knows me.
i will be work part time through college so i will hopefully have a little money saved up on top of what ill be making in my career so hopefully i will have enough to live comfortably in a nice apartment until im married and move into a nice house. after i get married i want to travle to europe and asia. i love seeing new things and learning about cultures.
my dream is actually to be an au pair (a foreign nanny) for a year in germany, spain, or england.
but i dont plan on having children until i have done some of the things i want to do before i die because kids take alot of money and time. and maybe i would adopt like you mr. t.
the average day would be just like most peoples: wake up, go to work, run errands, get home, watch tv and do chores, sleep.
things will be alot different after high school because i will have to pay for more bills than i do now and i wont always have someone around like i do now (since i live with 4 other people).

*-Lexie Fiscus 2nd hour <3

Anonymous said...

1.I am thinking about going to lakeland college for 2 years then go to ISU.
2.I am not sure on what kind of career i will have yet. I have not really decided.
3.enough money to make me happy!
4.I will probably leave paris but i think i would come back, but im not sure where i will live at.
5.Going to college then going to work after to pay for that college.
6.I would say im not paying bills yet so im not sure but you will need alot more responsible things to make it in life
Cody Christenberry 6th hour

Jessica Rice said...

Well for the most part I plan on going to Lakeland for two years, after that on to some four year college. I have ideas of what I want to do, like something in english, literature, well I don't know there are a whole bunch of options out there. So naturally I won't know how much money I will make. Or what a typical day would be like. But I do know that outside of the sheltered lives that most kids live is something that most people strive and fight for each day of their lives, keeping their jobs and having enough money to be able to pay their bills and not worry about anything like that.

Anonymous said...

I am going to college, but I am still not sure where. I want to find a place that really I'm still looking. As far as career I have it narrowed down to sort of fine artsish. I either want to be an interior designer, do something with musec, or possibly a writer. I hope to make good money to support myself and live well. I want to live in either Colorado, Nashville Tn, or south carolina. A typicle day after college will probably be work most of the day come home to possibly a husband and hopefully a nice house. I will have to learn how to manage money better and have more things to pay for myself and not rely so much on others.
Mary-Hunter Smittkamp

Drake Wiseman said...

I'm not quite sure what you are asking in a few parts of this, but I will do my best to answer. After I graduate, I would like to go to a good college (one with good engineering) and get a degree. After that I want to get some type of good job in technology/engineering and hopefully make a good amount of money. I'd like to live somewhere where it is warm all of the time because I hate winter and do not like snow at all. I would really like to move somewhere like California, Florida, or Hawaii. Maybe even another country. I don't need a big city or something like that. A typical day would probably be much like other jobs, getting up, going to work, then doing something fun, and then go home. I'd say the world will be much different in that there will be much more technology. Technology is constantly changing and progressing. It only takes about 5-7 years for a computer to become outdated.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure after I graduate, I want to go to the U of I. The career I want to pursue is a vet of course! It depends how much money I will get if I live somewhere big etc. Either way, I will still make quite a bit. I want to live away from Paris, maybe in the country somewhere else. A typical day for a vet is seeing alot of animals etc, and taking care of them. The world will probably become a black hole.

-Makenzie Tegeler 5th hour

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I haven't decided where I am going after high school. I have a few ideas, like ISU or EIU. Possibly even the University of Illinios. I figure when the time comes I will know which to choose. I have a couple types of careers pick out for myself that I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. However, like I said about where I'm going, i'm not set and stoned on anything. I do know, that like most kids my age, I want something that i enjoy that will make me a lot of money. I want to live close to Paris, which may sound crazy. Paris is home to me like many others and I can't see myself going far from here. When i'm all grown up and have my career started and my life started i see myself being a mom as part of it all. So i would get up and take care of my kids and all that good stuff. Then, i would go to work at wherever that may be. After, I would pick up my kids and make( or get) dinner and go to whatever events they had, with my husband. (whoever that may be.) As long as I am sucessful and happy with my life, i think anything will be alright. That world is different because that is me out all on my own, and to be honest that is scary. But it will also be an adventure! Much like my everyday life at the highschool.
5th hour