Monday, November 29, 2010

the beginning (?)

That's a weird title for a blog, but hopefully it will make sense by the end of this quarter. This blog is the beginning of a series of 'things', I guess. We'll get to all of that later, though.

For this blog, I want you to think of something that you're good at, not just good, but really good. As long as it's school appropriate, you'll be fine - if it's not, then you need to think of something else. (Sorry, you know who you are.) Once you've got that 'something' in your mind, answer the following questions.

1) What are you really good at?
2) How do you know you're really good at it?
3) How did you get good at it?

I think that's plenty for now. This blog is due Friday, December 3rd


Anonymous said...

This is a wierd blog. haha
Something im really good at.. hmm..
To be honest, I really dont know.
I guess one thing I could say is tumbling.
I'm good at it because it just came to me, as a little girl I would just do it, I didn't need taught.
And I got good by practicing it, and actually enjoying doing it.

Olyvia Bradford
2nd hour

Anonymous said...

Something I guess I am good at is making people laugh. I must be good at it because people laugh at me. I just act stupid and by acting stupid I get better at it!

Sherrie 6th

Anonymous said...

Brayden Walls
-I am really good at sleeping! i enjoy sleep very much. I know that i am good at sleep because i do it all the time. i would never stop if i didnt have places to go and people to see!

Anonymous said...

well mr. T im thee BRANDON GARCIA so ima star ;) just kidding. But I believe I am probably good at football. I think I am good at it because iv played it since 5th grade and i led in tackles this year and its something i actualy put 100 percent or more in. I became good at this sport by practicing and wanting to get better and go far in it.
well thats all for now bye.

Brandon Garcia
5th hour

Paige Maples said...

Something im good at?
- - Honestly i'd say that im good at photography. I pride myself in the time and the outcome of every photograph i take. And uploading them to be fixed and messed with to look better is my favorite part :).
I guess i dont really KNOW im good at it, i like to think i am though well at least lol. ive gotten compliments from different people though.
How did i get better?
-ive been taking pictures ever since i got my myspace in 2007, but those pictures were just of me with no editing then in 8th grade i found out about photoshop and editing websites and how to use them, and then starting my sophmore year i began to take pictures of not only me and my friends but nature, and objects, anything that i think would have a good outcome.
and now taking a photography class this year =]

Paige Maples
5th hour.

Josh Cary said...

HmMmMm....This is a pretty intense Blog Mr.T.haha. I would have to say i am good at basketball. The main reason why i am good at basketball is because i have played basketball almost my whole life. Also the fact that i love to play basketball and i get ready for all the games we play help out too.

Josh Cary
6th hour

Anonymous said...

Welllll, I can't really think of anything I'm good at. I'm good at listening to music. I know that isn't really something you can be good or bad at, but I seriously cannot think of anything.
I don't really know how I became good at it, it just comes natural to me. :)

Callie Keys
5th hour

Anonymous said...

I guess I am good at making people laugh. There's not really much else I'm good at. But I became good at just as I got older. I like when everyone is happy and in a good mood so I try to make everyone that way. I never really got taught how to do it. I just enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I'm good at shopping. I know i'm good at shopping because it only takes me 30 mins to get in and get out. I got good at it by shopping with my dad.You go for what you need and get out.

Cheyenne Wilson 6th hour

Anonymous said...

To be honest I really don’t know what I am good. So I am going to say that I am good at interacting with little kids such as toddlers. I know this because the kids they interact with me back. Like when I show them something they do the same thing back and they smile and follow me where ever I go to see what else I am going to show them. I got good at this by volunteering at Grace Lutheran in the summers of my 8th –freshman years. I find it very fun!

Alicia Robertson
5th hour

Anonymous said...

hmm. im pretty good at snowboarding i guess! i know that im good at it because i can do alot of tricks and land then well on a snowboard! i started doing it well because ive been snowboarding every year snce i was like 10 years old, so i feel like im pretty good at it. its so fun!

Erik Piper, 6th Hour

Anonymous said...

hmmmm. thats a hard on mr.t.
well i guess i would have to say art. im good at art because art it just me. i got really good at it because i practice but i dont think you can really practice it. all of just comes to me. it takes time though to do things haha.

Nicole Ballew
6th hour

Anonymous said...

I would say that I am really good at baseball statistics and memorizing info of current MLB players. I know it sounds weird but I love doing it. I know I'm really good at it because people have asked me questions about a certain player and I can answer them in a heart beat. I got good at it just by going to the official MLB website, and just following, studing, and analyzing baseball, the players, and statistics.

J.D. Hasler
5th Hour

Anonymous said...

I'm good at playing guitar for the most part. I know I'm good at it because Ive been told I was good
plus people enjoy listening to me when I play.
I simply get better by motiving myself to play and trying new songs that I haven't learned yet.
For Example right now I'm trying to learn a song called "Just got to be" by the black keys- so yeah

Daniel Belt
6th - DBelt

Anonymous said...

Something im good at is talking to people. Im pretty outgoing once you get to know me. I get it from my parents a lot because they know everyone and there always talking and interacting with people. I know im good at this because i have got many complements from people telling me how outgoing i am. It just comes naturally to me so i dont know how i got good at it. I guess by just talking to several people on a dailey basis.
Macala Beasley
2nd hour

Anonymous said...

Something I am really good at is dancing. I have been dancing since I was three and I fell in love with it at my first dance class. Now I like it even more because I am a dance teacher. I'm good at dancing because I love it and it just comes naturally. I got good at it by going to my dance classes every week and working hard to be the best I could be.

Meredith Blanford
2nd hour

Anonymous said...

i like this blog. The only thing im good at is making people happy. Sounds weird but people say that im great at it. hahaha Im realy good at that because i listen as well as i care about peoples feeling. I know a bad mood is hard to deal with and it affects your day greatly so be happppppyyyyyy :)

Rock On
Paul Allard 5th hour

Anonymous said...

HEy Mr. T! Im probably most good at reading and listening. I listen to teachers talk and i listen to my friends talk and I give good advice. I have been listening to people all my life so of course thats how I became good at it =] I'm really good at reading because I read all the time its one of my most favorite things to do in this world I would rather read then do anything ele. I used to be really good a math. I loved math class so much but thats the thing about getting higher in school in tends to get harder and well i am not doing so hot. I still love math class but not good at it anymore like i once was.
♥Sherri Grissom
5th Hour
ps... Tell Callie Keys hey for me lol you just have to do it.

Anonymous said...

hmmm i would have to say im really good at talking. Im good at it cause i never shut up and could probably talk 24/7 and not run out of things to say. And of course i was taught when i was little, then it just came natural to me. :)

Taylor Reed
6th hour

Anonymous said...

I have to say I am really good at making people laugh. I dont really know how I do it. I guess by just being myself and people laugh. I dont know how I became good at it but I guess great gifts come to GREAT people.
Caleb Grissom 5th

Anonymous said...

Just to be sure it is school appropriate i will stick with something im good at in geometry. I would have to pick setting up and solving equations. I know im good at it because i hardly ever miss those types of problems, now proofs on the other hand is a whole different story! I believe i became good at setting up and solving equations just simply by repetition, and practice throughout the years.

Sean Murphy
5th hour

Anonymous said...

I guess that I am really good at drawing. The only reason I think that is because I am always told my drawings are "awesome" or "cool". It might also be because people want me to be in their group when drawing is involved. And the only reason I am so good is because I have been drawing for half of my life, it's what I love to do.

Chris Gosnell
6th hour

Damon said...

I am really good at track. I have alot of awards and recognizations to prove it and show that im good at track. I just ran alot as a kid, it was all i wanted to do if i was bored.

Anonymous said...

I am really good at dancing.
I know im good at this because ive been dancing since i was 3 years old i got good at this by going to dance classes ever since i was 3. I like my talent and im glad i have it.

Katie Garver
2nd hour

katy said...

I am really good at track in the shot put and discus. I know that i am really good at it because i won state in discus my 8th grade and 2nd in shot put. Well I became good at it cause my sisters did it and i watched them do it and also my dad helped me and so did my mom. Whats funny is they neither one of them ever did it.

Anonymous said...

well lets see...hmm.... i am good at cooking... i know i am because i get compliments all the time.... i got good at it because i like to cook so i do it all the time.
Ryan littleton 4th ]

Anonymous said...

I believe im really good at football. The reasons are I started varsity and I was the only junior to start on the line. The reason Im good at football because I try my hardest and push myself to get better.

Devin Stephens 5th Hour

Catherine said...

well one thng im good at is being an aunt!!...i know im good at it because my nephew tells me he loves me every day:)..i got good at this by spending time with my nephew and listening and playing with him!

A said...

really the only thing that i am good at is playing the drums. my friends and family tell me i am good so that motivates me to keep playing. i got good at playing the drums by practicing basically every day since the day i got them which is for a couple years now.

Austin G.
5th hour

Anonymous said...

I love playing the piano. When I was little, I would sit there during church and just watch the organ player. I really got into it. Then, I finally decided that I was going to learn. So one day I sat down and taught myself. Now, six years later, I love it even more and I like to think that I got pretty good at it. I wish I knew how to explain how I know I'm good, because I don't. I restrain from playing in front of people; I guess you could say that I'm afraid. But some day, I want to be able to play in front of my friends and family and show them just how much time and energy I put into doing the thing I love.

Megan Laughton

Anonymous said...

Um i guess I'm really good at basketball. Ive played ever since i was like 5 years old. People always told me i was good. I knew i had potential so i guess that makes me good at it. I became good because my dad pushed me very hard to be the best i could be and i practiced a lot. Ive played for all my school teams every year except this one. Its not that fun anymore but i still love the game.

Macy Winkler
4th hour

Anonymous said...

I have been skating for twelve years now. Skating is what I'm good at. I know I'm good at it because I have been doing it for so long. I got good at it by practicing every weekend at the Paris Skating Rink.

Brandon Prouse

J.C. White said...

One of the things that I would say I'm best at is writing. Whether it be for journalistic writing, persuasive writing, or creative writing, it's something that I would consider to be a talent. I know that I'm good at writing because of the feedback that I get from my readers.(Since after all, perception is reality.)The only thing I can say that I did to become a good writer was writing every day and taking the time to develop my own unique writing style in which my voice can shine through. Furthermore, I've found that the key to being a good writer is ultimately writing it like you speak it, except in a wittier way. (And for anyone who isn't a grammer-geek like me, also in an at least somewhat grammatically correct manner.)

-J.C. White
4th hr.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Thomas, this is a really hard question. But I would have to say that I am good at shopping. I dont like to spend a lot of money. I knew I was good at it when my mom told me I dont like spending a lot of money. I love to shop every chance I get.
I guess you could say that is what I'm good at.
-Erin Marietta 5th hour

Anonymous said...

In anyone's friend group, there is one friend who is not good at anything. That's me. Having friends who are good at a lot of things is kinda of hard for me sometimes. I guess one thing im good at is being there for my friends when they need me the most. I guess im somewhat the glue. But an actual real thing would be art. i love to doodle and draw alot.
Kelsey Dougherty 5th hour

Anonymous said...

I'd probably say I'm good at tennis. I guess I'm good considering I made Varsity as a sophmore which I guess doesn't happen often. It comes fairly naturally to me and I absolutly love playing the sport.
Mary-Hunter Smittkamp

Anonymous said...

I am really good a football. the way that i know that is i have won some awards. the way to get good is practice.

Matt Wells

Anonymous said...

Dakota Strader 6th hour

I dont really know what im good at, i guess im good at all my construction and auto classes. Only reason why im kinda good at it is because i grew up being around working on cars, building stuff, and just working on stuff

Anonymous said...

Really have no idea......i would say i guess it would be good at talking. i like to talk so im good at it.i get very good at talking baecause i do talk a lot.there is always something to talk about.

whittney Forster

Anonymous said...

i could tell you a list of things i'm super bad at,hah. but i'm a really good listener, and i love giving advice. I don't always do the right things, but i could tell you the right things to do, and i'm good at being there for people.


Anonymous said...

I am good at making people laugh. I like to make people laugh because I like when everyone is in a good mood, so I just try to make them that way. I dont really know how I got good at it, it just came to me.

mayo_dancer_56 said...
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mayo_dancer_56 said...

I don't know what im really good at. I would have to say im good with interacting with little kids. I don't know im good at it but i don't get mad as easily with kids. And i think i got good by just not getting mad as easily.

Brittany Swanson

Anonymous said...

I suppose something I am really good at would be playing the guitar. I guess the only reason I "know" I am good at it is because people tell me I am. I got good at guitar with good old fashioned practice.

Kyle Keenen
2nd Hour

Anonymous said...

Cody Christenberry
6th hour

I don't know what I'm good at I guess I could say I'm good at drafting class I'm good at it because its fun to draw diffrent objects that you can't draw on paper very easy. Its not really a hard thing to do. I got good at it by doing diffrent projects in the class. I really enjoy doing it.

Anonymous said...

I guess i would say im good at soccer and golf. Last year i started playing soccer again and i was a starter in almost every game so id say im good, and in golf i played some varsity matches as a freshman and a lot as a sophmore.
I got at these by just practicing and since i like to do them its not that hard.

Thomas Woods 6th hour

Drake said...

There are many things I am not good at, many of which are things that people expect you to be good at because everyone else does it. It's like everyone wants you to play a sport like that, and if you don't, it's not cool. What I'm talking about is stuff like football, basketball, baseball, mostly ball sports. On the other hand, I like to do more unique things that don't involve balls. I'd say the sport I'm best is BMX. I think I am good at it because people who watch me think it's amazing and tell me that I'm good. I just get good through practice. I love BMX because it is very fast and you fly and spin through the air, which you really don't do in many other sports. Also, I'm good at parkour, I can do many flips, spins, and a bunch of other stuff. I know I'm good at it because hardly anyone else can do what I do. I just really love the rush parkour gives that is similar to BMX. Other things I'm good at that aren't sports are problem solving, designing, reading people, writing, computers, math(not proofs)and building. I personally believe that these things make up for all of the ball sports that everyone else does and expects me to be good at.

Andie said...

Well personally, the thing I think that I am really good at getting distracted. I know I am really good at it because I am constantly reminded of how I am so scatter brained. I can never really stay on a topic for very long unless its something that I am very interested in. I don't really think that I continuously got good at it, more that I just always have done it. :)

Andreanna Smith
4th hour

Anonymous said...

one thing that i am not necessarily really good at, but I can do pretty well is hands on problem solving. What i mean by this is working on things, finding the problem, and fixing it. I kinda figured I wasn't too bad at his when I fixed things.

Will Ormiston
4th hour

Jordan Rice 2nd hour said...

Wow hard question! I'd say that I'm good at pretty much every other subject in school except geometry. I'm at those because they are easier and less complicated. I am good at them from studying and stuff like that.

Jessica Rice said...

Hmm what am I good at?? Well I guess I would say that I am good at using big words to confuse my sister when I talk cause she has no idea what I am even talking about. I know big words cause I read a lot so naturally my vocabulary expanded. Guess I'm good like that plus it's pretty funny to see Jordan confused, and have no idea what I am saying.

Jessica Rice 5th hour

Anonymous said...

I am good at caring for kids. I have cared for kids for a long time. They just make my day better. all the kids i care for seem to really like me, or just have a bad life.

Tina 4th hour

Anonymous said...

vcSomething i'm really good at is softball. Especially 3rd base. I know i'm good because i've worked at it and i play on three different teams. I got good at it by practicing and playing all the time. Whether it be on the feild or in my backyard with my dad, i just kept going with it.

Kalen Pennington

Makenzie said...

I know the blog is late, but I wanted to voice my opinion anyways. One thing I'm good at is probably the fact that I can fall over flat surfaces. It doesnt take practice or anything, just a clumsy person! And trust me, it isnt fun when I eat the floor when my face catches the fall.
-Makenzie Tegeler 5th hour